Public Safety & Security Solutions
Situational Awareness Products & Solutions

TSG’s All-Hazards situational awareness system enhances physical security and preparedness  for sites, facilities and critical infrastructure.  Deploying geospatial digital mapping technology, with data collection and presentation tools, this platform provides key information for Critical Response Teams, First Responders and Crisis Management Professionals.

Risk Management & Security Consulting
Physical Security Consulting

First step in preparing for and mitigating risk is understanding it.  TSG’s subject matter experts have decades of experience in the areas of risk assessment, security engineering and design, preparedness and planning. We deploy teams worldwide in support of clients in identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impact to their organization.

Cyber Security & Enterprise Information Technology Services
Engineering and Technical Services

TSG, and wholly-owned subsidiary Delphi Research Inc., provides engineering and technical services in cyber security and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions.  Our cyber security team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers.  We assist our customers in the assessment and protection of information networks.  Our GIS team creates, maintains, integrates, and visualizes geospatial data for a variety of customers.